MongoDB for Node.js Developers: Free Online Course

Excited to be starting a (free) online course titled: M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers. The registration period looks to still be open, and I think you have until next Tuesday to sign up (though you’ll probably want to register before Friday, if you want enough time to actually complete the first week’s coursework).

The course is a lengthy one: seven weeks in total. And the estimate has it at about 3-5 hours per week, which includes video lectures, quizzes, and homework to do on your own.

Looking back, when I tried Learning Python with O’Reilly, I ultimately didn’t care for the experience very much. I got through a few chapters, but didn’t really get hooked. The language itself is great, but the learning environment just felt a little gross to me.

Having had a small taste of MongoDB (I use it as part of the backend that powers my Augur iPhone app), I’m excited to actually learn more about it. My exposure so far has been pretty limited, in a “it does what I need” sort of way.

Most days, I get home eager to spend time either playing games or working on my own side projects. And I tend to get very possessive of my free time. But even though this is a sizable commitment, I’m truly excited to be learning something new. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

With this course I hope to gain more hands-on knowledge, and am excited at what new development opportunities this might afford. Justin has long since advocated for me learning databases (and MongoDB in particular). Should be an interesting next step.

I’m taking this course with a few other workmates, and I’m also looking forward to chatting with them as we go through the process. The folks I know who are participating are all strong devs, and I’m jazzed that we’re embarking on this extra-curricular thing together.

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