Saturday Code Day

Spent most of Saturday working in front of the computer. For a large part of the day, I went through the first week’s lessons for my MongoDB course.

One thing that’s both good and bad: there’s a lot of Node-specific stuff being covered that I wasn’t anticipating. The course is technically called “MongoDB for Node.js Developers” so it was pretty clear in the title (though no actual Node experience was mentioned in the course’s prerequisites).

A good portion, nearly 50%, seemed to cover Node (npm, Express, Swig) – which is actually great for me. I’ve long wanted to delve more into Express and Node development in general, so this is actually quite exciting.

I’ll be curious how the other folks taking the course with me are doing though, as I’m not sure everyone else’s experience level with Node. I’ve had some small bit of exposure working with Twitterbots, but I wouldn’t say I’ve worked extensively with Node. But the little exposure I had definitely helped, when following along in this first week’s lessons.

Though it did take longer for me than anticipated, the MongoDB-specific work went fairly easily/quickly. Looking forward to what the next week has in store.

// Note: It’s weird to be thinking about studying and doing “homework” again. Been a while.

MongoDB for Node.js Developers: Free Online Course

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