Florida Man: Documentary by Sean Dunne

Florida Man (Warning: NSFW) is a documentary by director Sean Dunne – someone whose work I admire a great deal.

Over the weekend, I was reminded of his documentary on Juggalos, and started to look over some of his other work.

Taking its title from the common reference to a generic “Florida Man” in news/crime reports (see this Twitter account for examples), Dunne films a variety of folks who call Florida home.

A lot of different people are interviewed (many of them in different states of altered consciousness). While some of the stories are incredibly wild, the most intriguing part of this doc to me is when Dunne zooms in and just holds on the face of the person he’s interviewing.

On meeting each person for the first time, I caught myself making a lot of assumptions based on the person’s appearance. But as the camera fixed on the person’s face, I started to study them a little closer. And that shift from first impression to listening to their stories is what propels me, as we move from person to person.

I’m awed at how much access Dunne seems to get, how easily he seems to befriend people from different backgrounds – and get them to feel comfortable telling their stories.

I’ve mentioned Dunne a few times on the blog, and his work is definitely worth checking out. I really like his stuff.

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