Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2015 – Frankfort, IL

I trekked back to IL on Saturday, to meet up with Liz and her folks in Frankfort. They had been hard at work all morning, as the neighborhood has an annual garage sale where multiple houses in the area bring out things to sell on their driveways.

Julie, of course, has her plants – and folks know that her annual sales yield some really great flowers.

A few potted arrangements, in addition to the individual flowers on sale.

I arrived later in the afternoon. I didn’t end up photographing many people, but there was definitely a rhythm to the way the sale worked. At certain moments, things were quiet and calm. And then out of nowhere, a few cars would pull up and nearly everyone would be busy talking with customers or answering questions.

Compared to last year, it seemed like there were definitely more customers. In the past, things started to end around 2PM – but we kept on seeing more folks stop by.

More planters. Liz and I got lucky, as we ended up snagging a few unclaimed planters for our own yard.

Funny story: the kids across the street set up a lemonade stand, joining in the neighborhood spirit of selling things on their driveway. I ended up getting a glass of lemonade for 50 cents.

As things were winding down, several of us hunkered down on the porch and were drinking beer. The last customers of the day ended up being some of those same neighborhood kids, who were looking to buy some flowers for their mothers. Julie helped them pick out a few, and also gave them a pretty big discount.

These were not for sale – just a small glimpse of the many plants around Julie’s yard. A lot of customers who stopped by to buy her plants also walked around, and were always amazed at the yard.

At the end of the day, we ordered some Chinese food for dinner. Liz and I sat with Julie and Bob on the porch, with the sun slowly setting in the background. It was a nice end to a long day.

Julie’s Basement Plant Room
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2014 – Frankfort, IL
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale – Frankfort, IL

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