Involuntary Dilation of the Iris

Recently, after I got my new iPhone… I was in search of a new case. I ended up going with a design that a friend of mine created – a print by Memoryradio entitled Involuntary Dilation of the Iris. My particular photo of the case isn’t so hot, so let me refer you to his Society6 page, where you can see some closer, more detailed shots.

Here’s part of the original blueprint. I’m not quite ready to be looking for actual prints to hang on the wall, and a phone case seemed like a good first step. I’m a fan of his work (in several mediums), and think you should go check it out.

There’s a large number of works on his website. And you can also purchase some items via Society6.

I also did a brief Q&A/interview with him, a few years ago, if you’re curious to know more about his inspiration/process.

Intricately Detailed Illustrations Made From Victorian-Era Blueprints, by Memoryradio

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