Flag That for Later

Came home to find some small flags, planted in the backyard. We’re going to be having work done next week, and learned that this was part of the process (although I thought it would be JULIE, turns out it was DIGGER – gotta love those acronyms).

No gas lines in the back! I could have told everyone this, but better to have it officially done by the city.

The weeds have really… really grown back here. I daresay that the plants to the right of this flag are as tall as I am!

Work is slated for next week, and Liz and I are totally excited. If all goes according to plan, it’ll be done over the course of two days. And after that, we have some sod slated for delivery, which we’ll be installing.

Looking forward to posting up some before and after photos. If you think the before/after photos of the front yard were amazing… wait’ll you see what happens back here. Can’t wait!

Yardwork, and the Slow Realization That It’s Going to Take a Really, Really Long Time
Backyard Sunday

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  1. Hey Felix,
    You should consider digging out some of those lilies and ferns. I don’t know if you have a big landscaping scheme in mind, but some of those are nice things to have around.

    Alex Reply

    • I think Liz has already done a pass, and gotten out some of the things she wants to keep. We may do one last pass, before the workers arrive next week.

      avoision Reply

  2. Yeah – I went and grabbed some stuff – but at this point I never want to see a day lily ever again. lol They just take over and are hard to dig out…

    Keep the good advice coming Alex – totally am gonna do lasagna gardening now after reading your excellent comment last year.

    Liz Reply

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