The Low Spot in the Yard

Waking up this morning, we saw that the heavy, overnight rains ended up leaving a fairly large puddle in the middle of our yard. We’d seen some pooling here after we first started to water the yard… but last night’s rain made things much more pronounced.

To their credit, Christy Webber came out here as sono as we contacted them about the issue. And their Operations Manager came out to review the situation, and agreed that the low spot was too low, and should be moved further back away from the houses.

They’re going to be sending another crew to our place, to lift up the sod, add in more soil, and to relocate the low spot further back. They’ll also be putting the sod back into place, and rolling the yard for us. All of this is to be treated as corrective work, and we’re not being charged for it.

On seeing the water collecting the first day, I wasn’t sure what to do. It was Liz who suggested contacting Christy Webber about the problem. Really glad we did, and extremely glad we decided to go wtih them as our vendor. They’ve been very prompt, and have been fantastic to work with thorugh this whole process.

Though it looks bad now, here’s hoping it’ll improve once the crews come back.

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