Brunch at Promontory

This is a picture I did not take of Liz, Meg, Josh, Michelle, and Mike sitting around a table at The Promontory, about to dig into our afternoon brunch on Saturday.

I did not photograph the various cocktails ordered, or the omeletes on the table. I did not record my delicious “Country Benedict” plate that I refuse to deviate from every time I come here, nor did I record the large slab of bacon that came with Josh’s meal.

I was so busy enjoying everyone’s company, joking around, that I just forgot to take out my camera to get a few photos in. We’re all travelling to Paris together, as a group, in a few months… and we were just too busy laughing and talking. I just plain forgot.

This is another picture I did not take, of the six of us standing near the end of our driveway, by the back porch. It was after we had given a tour of our house, and we were all gathered in a circle in the midst of saying our goodbyes.

Though there was still water pooling on the lawn, the grass was green and the sun was out. The weather was perfect (which I define as a light breeze, with prolonged standing in the sun feeling actually pleasant and not oppressive).

As we lingered talking longer, people began to throw out more and more completely inappropriate comments to one another. Which made me frightened and delighted, when thinking about our upcoming vacation together.

[CC photo via Okan Benn]

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  1. Josh and I are pretty sure we’re going to need a tally board for who throws out the most inappropriate comments while we are on vacation :)

    Meg Reply

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