Runner Ruiners

Yesterday after work, Liz made a really terrible discovery: we have visitors in our yard. Despite the tremendous amount of weeds and soil that was removed from our backyard, we have some uninvited guests poking through the sod.

I think these are “runners,” which are coming from a tree (or something) over from our neighbor’s side. There’s a small patch of yard that wasn’t cleared, and something in there is sending over these shoots (which are emerging right smack in the middle of our lawn).

No respect for the border.

Liz had a notion that we could ask Bob to get some sheet metal, and hammer down a wall right here, to prevent runners from coming over. It wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but it might work for a few years.

Gotta look into how to get rid of these guys now. It’s unfortunate that just when we thought our lawn was going to be settled and done, something has cropped up. I always knew there’d be some kind of maintenance necessary… but was hoping for a few more moths of smooth sailing, before we hit something like this.

This morning, I tried out a new approach to using our tractor sprinkler. Per a suggestion from Bob, Liz and I got a few components that basically let us jerry-rig a hose splitter, but in reverse.

Normally, the piece we got is attached to a spigot, and allows a single stream to feed out in two directions. Instead, what we did was use that piece to connect two different hoses (one from our hose, and one from our neighbor’s), and combine them into one.

The thought here is that, with the combined water pressure, our tractor sprinkler wouldn’t be so dang slow. And Bob was right! The thing chugged along at a better clip, and will hopefully reduce the time needed to cover the whole yard.

Funny random thing about the shape: look familiar to anyone?

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