100 Days of Chicago

Prior to her leaving Chicago, Meryl Williams decided to document her last 100 days in the city using short video snippets. After gathering all the short videos together, she combined them together and created #100DaysOfChicago.

I had the chance to meet Meryl at Meg’s Holiday Party last year, and recall a really fun and engaging conversation (about Ohio and about writing), and also learned we had a mutual acquaintance (a former MFA colleague of mine, a former professor of hers).

I happened to see this video mentioned on Twitter, and though I don’t know Meryl all that well, I still found it a touching tribute and a heartfelt goodbye. It’s always neat to see how things look from another person’s perspective, and doubly so when you’re talking about something as vast as a city.

Meg’s Holiday Party
Time-Lapse Video of Fog Enveloping Chicago, Taken From the Top of the Hancock
Back Home in Chicago

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