Backyard Sunday: Mowing the Grass for the First Time

With all the heat on Saturday, Liz and I decided to save our backyard work for Sunday. Though it was quite warm out, today was a much better option. While I was reading up on how to get our new lawnmower up and running, Liz was tending to some of the terrible nightmarish Knotweed that’s sprung up in the yard the last few weeks.

Getting rid of them will be no easy task, as they have been a problem here for a many decades now (according to the neighbor’s son, who grew up in next door). They’re incredibly difficult to fully eradicate, and any plan we have is going to be a multi-year one.

For now, we’re removing the visible parts that come through our yard, and mowing like normal (taking care not to mow any part of the plant. The thing is so invasive, we’re not even throwing away the pieces that we cut off – we’re setting it aside to burn. This plant is, apparently, that bad.

While we were preparing to cut the grass, we happened over to see a small rabbit in the yard. We’ve taken to calling this guy “Herbie.”

Our new lanwmower, which we picked up a few nights ago. Though we had to purchase our own gasoline and container, the lawnmower did ship with its own little bottle of oil (which was a nice convenience). A funny statement from Liz: “This is as pretty as it’s ever going to be.”

There was really no assembly at all – just open the box and roll the guy out. After adding the oil and gas, and then removing a tag or two… we were pretty much ready to roll. Started on the first pull.

After mowing, I settled down to help Liz with getting some mulch in to the flowers along our perimeter. We’ve had several bags of mulch on our front porch, and today was the first chance we had to break into that large supply.

Liz, carefully laying down mulch between all the plants.

We didn’t get all the way done, but made great progress on about half the perimeter. Seeing that layer of mulch down looks really nice – especially now that it’s on top of the drier soil. Makes the plants stand out a lot, too.

Our newly mowed yard (with new mulch on the side). We had a lot of grass, as we’ve just been letting things go for a while now.

The back half (which we did ourselves) has grown at a slightly faster rate, since folks had to return to regrade the front half (and re-installed new sod). And it’s a bit of a shame that you can kind of tell where the old and new meet. The sod in front is not quite as lush, and gaps exist between the pieces.

But it’s slowly getting there, and slowly growing together again. We set the mower to its highest setting (4 inches), and are going to be taking another pass this week to get it a little lower. It almost got wild on us for a second there, but it’s really starting to look like a true and actual lawn.

For those shopping around for a lawn mower, after using it… I’m a fan. Consider this an official endorsement for the Honda 21 inch 3-in-1. Although maybe track it down at Home Depot for a more realistic price.

After Two Home Depot Stores and a Thunderstorm…

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