Visiting the Christiana Lake House, Day 1

Liz and I got to visit the Christiana Lake House this weekend, staying with Uncle David and Aunt Beth, and many other visiting Denlers. We were among the first to arrive on Friday evening, and walked around the area taking in the sunset.

A row of small docks and boats, in a canal tha feeds into the lake.

A long stretch of open grass, near the water’s edge.

Looking back over the canal, towards the houses.

Playing bags/cornhole with Liz, Brittany, and James… with the help of Uncle David’s incredibly large fan (which is great for keeping mosquitoes away).

Post-dinner, folks congregating in the kitchen.

I ended up going to bed early (which was around 1AM I think). Ended up missing the late night crowd, as folks stayed up much later into the evening than we did!

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