Quincy: Out and About Again

Since Sunday evening, Quincy’s been hiding away in the cottage. This is not normally something he does, and a serious indication that something is wrong. Add to that his low interest in food, and naturally Liz and I were concerned.

He came out a little bit for hay and critical care. And before we left for work, we gave him a bit of water via syringe just in case he couldn’t make it all the way to his water bowl.

For most of the day, we were concerned. With Quincy’s recent balance issues, we didn’t know if he would even be able to move around at all (or worse yet: right himself, if he fell over). We placed some food and hay near where he was sitting, in the hopes that we were making things a bit easier for him.

Around dinnertime, Liz and I were ecstatic (and relieved) to see Quincy hopping out to eat. His appetite looks like it’s returned, and he was moving (albeit a bit slower).

There’s still something off, as he’s wobbling around a lot more. But this evening he was more his old self again. Seeing him eat was just such a relief, and watching him move around gave me a great sense of relief.

We’re still going to be taking him to the vet tomorrow morning, just to see if there’s anything else that might be at play besides his old age.

He had an incident last May, where he couldn’t really move around much at all. He struggled to get up and to stay upright, but that went away after about a half day or so.

Two months later, this newer episode has gone on for two to three times as long. While we’re happy he’s up and moving around again, our worry is that these episodes will start to become more frequent, and start to last a little longer each time they do.

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Quincy, the Old Man

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