Quincy Status Update

We took Quincy in to the vet today, and got a little more insight into his balance problems. He apparently has some inflammation in the area between his eyes and brain, which could be there for a variety of reasons.

One possibility is that his e. cunilculi is flaring up again. This is the best case scenario, and we got a little medication to help treat this just in case.

The other possibility is that there is something neurological going on – a possible brain lesion, or something along those lines. It’s much harder to determine if this is the cause, as an MRI would be likely very expensive (and also difficult to see).

For now, we’re going to hope that things continue to improve for Quincy, and keep monitoring his health. We’ve upped his pain medication slightly, and are hoping he doesn’t return to the low state where he was at this weekend.

In the past, we took Quincy in for laser therapy, to help with his back legs. We didn’t see a lot of improvement, and so we stopped that after a few treatments. We’re going to be trying out an acupuncture thing – to see if that will help his mobility.

More than one person at the vet told us that they originally made fun of the process, and have since seen some amazing results. It’s not a guarantee, and varies depending on the animal… but I think Liz and I are hoping to make things more comfortable for him, and hoping this will help.

We were worried that Quincy was “too far gone” for something like this to help, but our vet said that he’s still got a decent amount of muscle mass – and felt it worth the attempt. We’ll see how things go.

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