The Twitter Bot That’s Really Good at Winning Contests

Hunter Scott wins a lot of contests. More accurately, the Twitter bot that Hunter Scott created wins a lot of contests. How many, you ask? On average, it won about 4 contests per day, every day, for 9 months straight. Picture above: the various things that the bot actually won.

Another very large percentage of the things I won were tickets to events. I did manage to go to an event that I won tickets to, but the majority of them were for concerts and events in other countries that I obviously couldn’t go to […] I won a lot of cool stuff too though, and getting mysterious things in my mailbox each day was pretty fun.

As someone who’s recently gotten into building Twitter bots, I find this awesome and hysterical. And a great use for a bot. Twitter itself is a fun place, full of randomness and chaos. The winnings reaped by this bot seem to reflect that as well.

By the way, this is the full list of things that were won. Some hilarious stuff in there.

[via @Paul Ford]

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