Jake Weidmann: Master Penman

There are currently only twelve master penman in the entire world, and Jake Weidmann is one of them. He’s also the youngest. Watching what he can do by hand is really fascinating. Hearing him talk about how much work and practice he did previously is difficult to comprehend.

One little detail I love is that master penman were responsible for creating their own certificates, as proof of their skill. That’s pretty cool.

I spotted this video on Facebook, while I was procrastinating getting ready for work one morning. Once it started, I found myself drawn in – and stuck through until the end.

It’s a short doc, but a fun thing to watch. I’m always in awe of these short docs, particularly when it involves someone who’s dedicated, and really good at what they do.

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  1. I realize they’re a sponsor and all, but that shot with the Coors beer in the background… ouch. Sticks out like a sore, tacky thumb.

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