Acupuncture Therapy for Quincy the Rabbit

Last week, Liz ended up taking Quincy in for… how to say this? He’s getting acupuncture therapy.

With his health in decline the last few weeks, one option our vet suggested was acupuncture. We’ve tried laser therapy a bit previously, but that didn’t really seem to do all that much. So we were up for giving this a shot.

To clarify: Quincy’s getting old. He’s 12, which means he’s at the far end of the spectrum, in terms of life expectancy. He’s had a lot of arthritis problems for years now. And so we know that we’re not after some kind of cure. We’re simply looking to make him more comfortable, if we can.

We were told by multiple folks that acupuncture on animals is similar to that on humans: it works really well for some people, and not so much on others. It varies, based on the person.

Liz took these photos with her phone, and I’m kind of doing the recap based on our converastions after the fact.

The place we took Quincy to was called Integrative Pet Care. On arriving Liz noticed that the setup was very similar to what one might expect at a regular physical therapy office. But this one had stations designed for people who had a few more legs.

This was a crazy contraption. Liz explained that it was a water tank that helped dogs walk (the cushion behind the dog nudged it along, I think). There was a person present at all times, watching and monitoring (on the other side of the tank).

On seeing this photo, I was really wishing I would have gone. I’m betting I would have had a field day looking around and taking photos.

Quincy, at the start of the procedure (the covering of the eyes was meant to reduce stress).

A closeup of one of the needles used.

Quincy, with a few more needles in place. Seeing this reminds me of that terrible time when we had to give him injections. Poor little guy.

The good news is that after a day or so – we actually did see some improvement. Quincy has been markedly more active, moving and even running around a lot more.

In the days when he was listless and hiding, he really wasn’t himself. And more recently, when I arrive with his morning medication… he actually gets up on his hind legs, and raises himself up against the gate. After how bleak things seemed a bit ago, seeing this kind of activity from him again is fantastic.

While he’s shown some improvement, the stress of being transported still impacts him. He’s a little off balance when he gets back to the house, and he still runs and moves at a bit of an angle.

He’s by no means cured, as his primarily ailment is age and there’s really nothing that can cure time. But we’re staying optimistic that these treatments are helping, and that at the very least… he’s getting a little more comfortable.

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  1. Awww, glad you guys are seeing some improvement! At the risk of being a busybody… after your last Quincy post I wondered if you guys or the vets had looked into the lead poisoning angle as a possible factor besides age. It popped up in my head because the kids in Chicago are required to be tested at age one and then two for blood lead levels due to the old houses/paint (like ours!) and toddlers’ propensity for chewing on random stuff… then I got to thinking about buns and their chewing. Probably a long shot, and I’m guessing the vets already ruled it out, but thought I’d ask just in case!

    Allison Reply

    • Hey Allison,

      No he hasn’t been tested for lead poisoning – but he’s really not a chewer either. It’s an excellent thought, but he hasn’t eaten any woodwork or walls with it nor have I been stripping any paint with the buns around – namely for this very reason. I wish it was a ‘quick fix’ but I really do think he had a stroke. His symptoms only really flare up when he’s stressed out, so some event happened. :( My poor bunny – but these sessions have really helped. He’s acting like he’s a whole year younger.

      Liz Reply

      • Awwww… poor little Q! Yeah, I figured it was a long shot, but the topic has been on my mind lately what with Ingrid crawling and her blood check soon. She puts all kinds of gross stuff in her mouth – waaaaaay more than S ever did – and I’m always fishing something out of there. Anyway, hope Quincy keeps showing improvement… I am glad to hear that at least!

        Allison Reply

    • Thinking on this more and it is worth asking the doctor about… even if it’s a long shot.

      Liz Reply

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