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On Friday, I noticed a few more “likes” to the Underviewed Facebook page, and a few more followers on the Twitter account. I didn’t think too much of it, but when they started to happen at a regular clip… I logged in to Google Analytics and was a bit astounded at what I saw.

Normally, my sites are fairly low traffic. If something is in the double digits, it’s a passing thing. But I am not used to seeing numbers like this.

As far as I can tell, I traced back the traffic spike due to someone named “Dross” on Twitter (who has, literally, almost a million followers).

I think he’s someone who also has a lot of YouTube followers, though I’m not certain I quite grasp what he’s known for. On Friday, he posted up a video that focused primarily on PetitTube, and only mentioned my Underviewed project in the liner notes. Even with that, I was seeing just tons of folks on the site.

I saw the traffic spike on Friday evening, and hours later when I went to bed… it was still in the 500 range. The next day, I saw numbers in the 300s all throughout the day. In fact, there were so many people on Saturday that I ended up blowing through my daily YouTube Data API quota.

Which meant I had to scramble to put up a temporary message, since my site was effectively not working any longer. I spent a lot of time optimizing the API calls for the site, but even so – the traffic just blew through my quota. So there was nothing I could do except tell folks to wait until midnight, for the numbers to reset.

I tried applying for a quota increase, but the method to do so is just a generic Google form whose primary role is to tell you that they’re not approving any increase requests. So it goes.

Despite all this, come Sunday morning things were back to normal… and it looks like the traffic is starting to dwindle. Though the numbers were still around the 200 mark or so. Will be curious to see what happens come Monday, and whether things will continue to slow down… or whether even more people will stop by for a visit.

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