Better Late Than… Well, At Least We Found It

I’m going on a trip next week, and had a passing thought earlier this morning that… Maybe I should go find my passport. Liz and I hadn’t discussed this yet, and so because of that I figured things were still fine.

When I brought it up to her later in the evening, she told me that she’s had her passport for weeks now. And also said “I don’t know where yours is.”

Ever since we moved into our house, the majority of our possessions are still packed away in boxes. It’s been coming up on two years, and given our space limitations… it’s just been easier to keep things in storage, in the main office.

Needless to say, finding my passport gave me the butterflies a bit.

The good news is that we did end up finding it, after a short search. I had a hunch I knew exactly where it was, and that hunch proved to be correct. The other good bit of news is that the passport was still valid and hadn’t expired. Now if that was the issue, I don’t know what we would have done. Whew!

Let’s hear it for procrastination!

And ulcers.

[CC photo via Jason Matthews]

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