Unattended Lawn

After a week back home (and after having been away for over two weeks on vacation), I finally got around to mowing the lawn. Which, I have to tell you, was no small endeavor.

Left on its own for about 3+ weeks, I had some concerns that the lawn might dry up. But it grew at a good clip, and nary a brown spot to be found.

The bag on my lawnmower is a small one, and gets filled rather quickly. On top of that, I didn’t have the foresight to re-adjust the height of the blade (which was set to a fairly low setting). What this meant was that I could manage maybe one pass of the yard (from the back porch to the wooden fence), and I’d have to stop and empty the thing out. It made for a kind of slow process.

Though it was nice that our landscaper came back to re-do their regrading work, there’s is a noticeable difference between the original sod we installed (in back) and the newer sod that they re-installed. The stuff in back is much thicker, more lush.

Still, the lawn is green and full – and now at a more appropriate height. Things getting back to normal again.

Backyard Sunday: Mowing the Grass for the First Time
Backyard Clearing and Sod Installation in Four Days: Jungle to Lawn, as an Animated GIF

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