Meeting Scotty and Laura

Back in 2000, I ended up joining an online community called “Were-Here.” Everyone was a Flash developer, and eventually it came to pass that I hosted a small gathering of all these random Internet yahoos – many of whom ended up crashing at my small apartment.

That was 2002. And though I didn’t quite get to meet Scotty in person then, I got to meet his avatar (a bottle of Powers whiskey).

Fast forward another year, and most of the folks I knew moved over to a website (built by Scotty) called Twelvestone. And somehow, just six months later… folks gathered back in Chicago once more. Choosing again to crash in my same, small apartment.

Crazy to think that was over 12 years ago.

Fast forward to today, and I learned that Scotty and Laura were in town briefly. The two of them decided that they were going to travel for the next year, and to kick things off they’re going from NY to California, before departing the US.

I joined them at the City Winery at the Riverwalk, and got to meet Laura for the first time. We had a lovely conversation about grad school, and I got to learn a bit more about her job (I guess previous job is more apt, as she is now officially a traveller).

After a little while, Jeff ended up joining us. We got to see a little bit of what he was working on (some pretty kick-ass software), and fell to talking about tech and catching up a bit.

It’s funny that we all met in this spot, as the last time I think we were all together was back in 2013… when Jeff gave us a tour at IBM.

Which we could see from where we were sitting. I guess it’s the former IBM building now.

A not so great photo of Laura and Scotty. It was getting dark, and I was also about three drinks in at this point. So let’s just… blame it on the dark.

A photo Laura took of us three. Hopefully, it won’t be another 12 years until we get to hang out again.

Looking back along the riverwalk, as the group considers where to go next.

Good luck to you two, Scotty and Laura! Safe travels to you both, and I’m looking forward to hearing about what will most certainly be a most adventure-filled year.

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