Basement Clearing

Yesterday, Liz and I got back to revisiting the basement a bit. We had previously been working on getting things cleared out of the way in the main area… and hauled a lot of miscellaneous items towards the cellar door (for temporary storage).

For the most part now… the main basement area is cleared of large items. We have a bit of sweeping to do, with our next step focusing on using the power washer to clean the walls and floor.

The time during (and leading up to) our vacation overseas was really lovely, and a lovely escape. But now that we’re back and resettled again, I think both Liz and I are hoping to get back on a more consistent schedule in terms of house work.

There’s also the outside of the house to consider now… because Spring is just around the corner!

Bathroom and Basement Demo
Cleaning the Basement: Work Begins
Pouring Cement in the Back Basement

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