Loop Link Construction

While walking to work this morning, I spotted two welders working on a new bus shelter on Madison. I’ve seen the ongoing construction along both Madison and Washington this year, but didn’t really know much about the Loop Link until I looked it up this afternoon.

While there’s been a lot of actual demo and work done on the street, I noticed a really large crane on Madison yesterday or the day before. And today was the first time I noticed workers affixing a new structure in place.

From the length of it, it’s not your regular small bus shelter. It looks to span a good distance, and can shelter a large number of folks from the elements. Although it does have me wondering now how it will fare with a lot of snow on top.

Here’s a view from the rendered/proposed vision.

The official website is mostly just 3 PDF files. But in looking around, I almost missed the YouTube video that provides a nice summary of what the project aims to do:

Color Jam: Colorful Buildings and Sidewalks at State and Adams, Downtown Chicago
Tony Tasset Eye Sculpture: Construction in Pritzer Park

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