Mysteries of the Unknown

For an upcoming talk I’m doing, I found myself looking up a really old book series called Mysteries of the Unknown. It was published back in the 80’s by Time-Life books, and was from an era where book series were sold via television (and when mailing addresses were also included in said commercials).

In digging around online, I happened across this commercial. It’s got Julianne Moore portraying someone describing an “out of body” experience.

It’s hard to imagine a commercial like this airing, nowadays. Outside of the style, I don’t really see many of these first person “testimonial” type ads anymore. I feel like this is something one could get away with many years ago, but less so now. Perhaps that’s not the case, as I don’t watch much regular TV anymore. Or perhaps I’ve just been trained, over the years, to recognize what is and what isn’t a commercial.

Random fun tidbit: The actor at 0:55 is Michael O’Neill, who I recognize as CIA agent Ron Butterfield from The West Wing.

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