Quincy and Phineas Get a New Maze, New Cottage

The recent spat of litterbox incidents made Liz think that perhaps Phineas is starting to get a little bit bored. So we’re introducing a few new things hoping that they’ll distract.

The old cottage (shown in back) was getting pretty beat up. It was time to upgrade anyhow.

And though Quincy is not mobile enough to really make it to the second or top floors, Phineas still goes up and down at times (usually when he’s been bad).

It’s been a while since we got a maze, so we’re trying this again. There’s not really space for it in their pen area, so it’s typically off to the side. But in the evenings, when we give them free roam of the downstairs… we bring this closer, and it’s like an extended housing project for them.

To encourage them to explore around, we’ve been adding a few treats/food pellets inside.

We were worried that it would only be Phineas exploring, but Quincy’s been good about crawling around inside too. And for him, any kind of motion helps – given all his arthritis problems.

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The Bunnies Get a Maze and a Cottage

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  1. Always love the bunny posts. That picture of Phineas peeking out of the hole is excellent.

    Juliet Reply

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