Basement Night

Spent two hours last night, working in the basement. This second wall of bricks is coming down much faster, as there seem to be fewer “full” bricks, and fewer bricks overall. At a few points, I took to pounding out the bricks directly, versus chiseling the mortar, which helped speed things along.

While things are opened up now, there’s detail work to be done for the bricks that still remain along the side. That’ll be a combination of the grinder and chiseling pieces out, all the while trying to ensure I keep as clean of a line as I can (from the original cut).

There’s also a stack of bricks at the bottom, on either side I’m not looking forward to. Those guys are stacked in alternating directions, and are also two deep. I found working those bricks out to be really slow-going earlier, so I opted to focus on everything above it instead.

Note: Thanks to Justin S, for pointing out that the chimeny looks remarkably like the door scene from Beetlejuice.

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Cutting into the Chimney Bricks in the Basement

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