Apple Pies in Frankfort, 2015

Today, Liz and I trekked to Frankfort for a family tradition: making apple pies. To clarify though: it’s usually Liz, Julie, Katie, and Savannah that do the actual pie making. Bob and I usually hang out and watch TV the whole time. We do our part.

Before things got going, I was out in back with Bob – admiring the colors of the leaves in the tree, at the South end of the house (we were chatting when Katie showed up).

The main ingredients!

The work area, prepped and ready.

The apple peeler.

Everyone situated at their various workstations.

Savannah on pie crust “pinching” duty.

Julie rolling the dough and Liz filling the pies.

Katie and Liz.

Closeup of Liz’s area.

Closeup of Katie’s work area.

Flour and sugar make the world go ’round.

Julie and Liz.

Apple prep and delivery.

Savannah with her concentration face.

A finished pie!

So – Bob and I actually did more than just watch TV the whole day. We went out and got the ice cream. So I think it’s safe to say that we did 50% of the work.

The apple pie was delicious, as always. Final count: 22 (which interestingly enough was the same count from 2014).

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  1. *Ahem* I think you mean 24 pies. :D

    Liz Reply

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