Quincy: Bad Days and Good

A few days ago, Quincy had a “bad day.” I think we’re going to start using that term now, as it seems to be a pattern that’s emerged.

On Saturday, he looked like he was sitting a little funny. Putting more weight on his right foot, and less on his left. He seemed to be moving around a little more awkwardly.

Come Sunday, he was really bad – not moving much at all. And at times, when he headed for something, he curved – with his left leg not looking like it was moving at all. At a few points, it seemed like he was army-crawling. He looked in poor spirits.

When this happens, we put out a blanket and put hay on it… just so he won’t have to hop into the cat litter box he normally uses.

These bad days are… bad. They’re scary, and always make me wonder: Is he going to walk again, ever?

On Monday, I was able to call and set an appointment at Integrative Pet Care for Tuesday evening. Quincy was looking a bit better this day, and did seem to be more mobile. On Tuesday, he did seem better than Monday (though I could still tell there was something off with his leg).

Quincy, sitting for another round of acupuncture.

By Tuesday evening, Quincy seemed better – back to his old self. It’s difficult to know whether he simply bounced back on his own, or whether the acupuncture treatment is helping (the “benefits” of his treatments tend to manifest a day or so after).

In the future – I think we may try to see how he fares, once he has a “bad day.” It’s tough because we don’t know whether we should try to take him immediately in… or wait and see if he recovers.

Dr. Zenoni has suggested I keep a log of how Quincy is doing, so we can see if certain patterns emerge. Though I’m not looking forward to any future bad days… I do harbor some hope that they’ll be brief, and are followed quickly by better days.

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