Not a Lucky Foot

Got this picture of Quincy tonight, with him sticking out his right foot. I think he’s doing this for more balance, as it’s his left foot he’s been struggling more with lately.

This isn’t a normal position, and worries me a bit. When I first got home, he was sitting in the litter box and not really moving. Even with some prodding, I couldn’t get him to stir (and he didn’t seem like he could really get himself upright or out of the box on his own).

After helping him onto his feet, he seemed to be back to his usual self. But it’s just hard to tell, as I know something isn’t quite right. He’s not at 100%, and maybe more like… 80, 85?

It’s still a little touch and go, it seems. I like this photo because it’s a cute one of him, but… seeing this means things aren’t great still.


Quincy: Bad Days and Good

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