Haunted House, Frankfort

Tonight, Liz and I went down to Frankfort to hang out with Bob and Julie. We were there to visit for a bit, and to also celebrate Julie’s birthday.

We ended up walking from the house over to Francesca’s. And on our way… we passed by a house that was totally ready for Halloween:

I’m not sure how they did this, but the entire front of the house looks like it was overlaid.

Lots of skulls!

Really amazing decorations. Liz surmised that part of this display used “Great Stuff” foam as part of the base.

Somewhere, there is a house underneath that.

A view of the whole yard, from the sidewalk.

And of course, we passed by the house on our way back after dinner. Although none of us will admit it, I felt our pace quicken ever so slightly as we walked by.

Bob and I were both wondering what the house would be like on Halloween. I had a thought that someone could easily hide behind the fence, and pop up when someone walked by.

We also wondered whether any kids would actually go up to the door and knock for candy. The house does seem to acknowledge that it’s participating in Halloween, but I think only the bravest children (who really want their candybars) would venture across that yard.

I bet it’s really good candy, though.

Halloween in Frankfort

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