Trouble with the Curve

Quincy has been having some bad days, lately. The worst happened this past Saturday and Sunday, where he wasn’t really moving around that much, having problems with his left leg.

On Saturday, it was the worst. I ended up having to pick him up out of the litterbox, because he was unable to right himself. And then I had to prop him up and hand feed him his veggies, as he was having difficulty standing.

But – remarkably, he’s recovered somewhat. Liz noticed some repetitive eye and head last week, and it seems to be his E Cuniculi flaring up again. So we got him some additional medication on Saturday, which seems to have helped.

The thinking now is that the EC is impating his balance, and also causing him to have less ability in one of his legs.

As of Monday/Tuesday he seemed to be better. Not 100%, but better.

At our (now) weekly acupuncture appointment tonight… he was showing some symptoms again. His body was arched in a “C” shape, and his head and eyes were moving rhythmically. Covering his eyes up sometimes helps, as it removes any visual distractions… and this seemed to calm him a bit.

We actually saw two instances of this behavior – once when we arrived, at once after the therapy session. He’s had trouble in the past where transporting him to locations caused stress (and caused the EC to act up). But in both cases tonight, it seemed to be somewhat short lived. He was up and exploring around after each episode, and he looked a lot like his former self.

Our goal now is to give the newer medication some time, and hope that this helps overall with the EC symptoms.

Supporting Quincy

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