Kirt’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party

A large part of our early visit to Atlanta (in addition to the fact that we can’t make it there this December), is that we were in town to celebrate Kirt’s 60th birthday party. Anne had set up a surprise party, and Kirt was none the wiser.

During the day Saturday, we headed out to a local Arts festival. Despite a bit of rain and drizzle, there were lots of folks out and about. The event was set up within a park, with all the vendors positioned in a long line, along one side of the roadway.

While there were lots of vendors (paintings, pottery, photographs), I was particularly taken by this guy’s work. He took old doors from post office boxes, and affixed them to small/custom boxes.

Most of the boxes had combinations, but a few had keys included. I don’t have anything I could really see “storing” in these guys, but I thought they were a nice way to re-use older post office doors.

Liz, with Jackson and Isabelle.

Glad I left my scimitar at home, today.

After checking out the vendors, we tried our hand at a bit of geocaching. We got close to where we needed to be, but couldn’t find the cache despite a lot of looking around.

Fast forward to the party: Kirt was under the impression that we were all going out for a nice meal (adults only).

The kids got picked up by the babysitter, to go out to a movie. But what really happened was that they were taken to the restaurant (along with a change of clothes), to wait with everyone else.

Me, Liz, Anne, and Kirt then drove to the restaurant… where we went in the back, and were greeted by one of the servers. They took us upstairs to an “attic” area via an elevator.

As the door opened, the lights came on and everyone yelled “Surprise!” It was fun

Happy Birthday, Kirt!

Anne and Kirt.

Some of the birthday gifts, near the front of the room.

Birthday (carrot) cake!

Anne and Kirt, along with Paige and Audrey.

And then Sebastian got into the photos.

There were a lot of great, old photographs of Kirt placed on every table. I love the fact that Paige is using a photo to take a photo of a photo, as Liz looks on.

Maybe one day in the future, I can print out this picture of Paige taking a picture, for one of her birthday parties.

Liz, hanging out with Aunt Debbie and Aunt Kim – looking through one of the large photo albums at the event.

Kirt with Aunt Jenny and Aunt Nancy, also looking through photos.

Many of us were taking photos of photos with our phones, and sending them to others.

Liz and I spent most of our time at this table, visiting with everyone. I hate to say this, but we didn’t mingle that much with others at the party… and ended up just spending time with family. As the night wore on, I don’t think I even realized that folks were departing… until we were the only ones left, the table still full and the photographs still out and about.

The siblings: L to R it’s Uncle Kyle, Aunt Jenny, Kirt, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Kim, and Aunt Nancy.

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