Phile This Under Philex

I love how there are so many different ways to hear my name. I’ve taken greater pains to ensure I’m pronouncing my name clearly, but… still room for interpretation.

I guess this is still better than Phyllis.

I’m now curious just how many permutations there can be on my name. I feel like I’ve seen at least 60% of all possible combinations…

My Name is Phyllis

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  1. Lolz, how funny.

    Wait… did you have Wendy’s for lunch today??!!

    Liz Reply

    • I usually try to have salads, but this was from a few days ago. It was a splurge.

      avoision Reply

  2. You were served by Leporshe. I wonder if she really spells her name La Porsche.

    Juliet Reply

    • You know, in thinking about if the tables were turned and I were taking her order… I would probably have a hard time spelling her name correctly. Fair’s fair.

      avoision Reply

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