Quincy’s Bad Days

Since we got back from Atlanta, Quincy’s been struggling. He was mostly fine while staying with Liz Rench, but on returning home… he started slipping into his “bad days” phase.

Monday evening, we saw him struggling with his back legs. And by the time Tuesday came around, he was pretty much not hopping around and 100% on his side.

It got to the point where we had to put down a blanket for him, and moved the hay out closer to where he was sitting. He’s not really able to even get into the litter box, and has been going to the bathroom wherever he’s lying down.

We were able to take him in to Integrative Pet Care tonight, where Dr. Zenoni switched from acupuncture needles to laser therapy.

Dr. Zenoni believes the issue to be a neuralogical one, and when I first heard this… I thought it meant it was a brain issue. In actuality, it’s a nerve and spinal cord issue, and Quincy’s advanced age and arthritis is the likely cause.

Tonight we also started a round of Adequan injections, but it may be “too little, too late.” It couldn’t hurt, so we’re giving it a go. Quincy will be getting two injections per week, in the hopes that this helps with the arthritis.

Back at home, Quincy got a little “breakfast in bed.”

Lately we’ve been trying to hold him up a bit, while he eats. Per the doctor’s orders we’re now trying to give daily massages, a few times a day. And prop him up a bit more.

While he’s had a predictable pattern of good days, bad days, and then good days again… this has been the longest stretch of consecutive bad days. So far, we haven’t seen very much in terms of improvement, but Liz and I are still holding out hope that he rallies a bit.

It’s pretty tough to see Quincy struggling so much.

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