Dim Sum Reunion

On Sunday, Liz and I met up with Meg, Josh, Michelle, and Mike for an early Dim Sum meal at Ming Hin.

I placed the reservation many weeks prior. Given the growing crowd we saw at the front door circa 10AM, I was glad we did as this place just seems super busy on the weekends.

When we were led to our seats, I figured we would be in one of the large rooms upstairs. Dim Sum to me has always meant a large, open room – filled with noisy eaters, and tons of servers walking by.

But our table ended up being a private affair, where the six of us got our own little room. I checked, and apparently it’s the same price as any other table – just quieter, and tucked away.

It was nice to gather for a meal again with the Paris crew (I don’t think we’ve met up as a group, since we all got back).

Though there is no official next destination for us, there were a few options being thrown around. Which I take as a good sign, in that we all like one another enough to travel together again.

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