The Loneliest Sim: Chris Livingston Creates an Entire City with Only One House

The game Cities: Skylines is similar to SimCity, in that players can create a massive virtual city to their own, personal specifications. While most sim games like this will have thousands of citizens… Chris Livingston noticed that it was difficult to keep tabs on individuals.

These city simulation games have gotten really advanced, where there are now tens of thousands of citizens, each one with his or her own job, life, friends, family. Livingston noticed that it was tough to just focus on an individual. His solution?

I thought I’d fix this problem by creating a city in which only a single home could be built. Then I’d see who moved in and keep track of their lives. Here’s what happened.

I have to say – the screenshots and the updates of what he saw are just awesome and hilarious. You can click through the images, or if you prefer you can read everything on a single (albeit less pretty) page.

I also found another article written by Lilvingston, where he attempts to play the game Pillars of Eternity entirely without using people and only using bears.

I had some serious laughs while reading this, and it’s equally hilarious. Boht of these articles don’t really require you to be familiar with the games (I am not familiar with either). But it’s just so much fun to see what people can get up to, in playing around with a game’s rules and boundaries.

Another great link: No Wrong Way to Play.

I discovered all of these through a great post on MetaFilter. So much fun stuff!

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