Time Solves All Problems

During work, my coworkers were talking about procrastination. The phrase “Time Solves All Problems” popped into my head, and I found myself kicking that line around for a while.

I like the phrase. A lot, actually. I like it to the point where I could see it on a poster. Or maybe even on a business card. And that’s when the idea hit me: This could be a club. And it could be a Kickstarter project.

Most of us, I’d like to think, are procrastinators. So who wouldn’t want business cards saying as much? We’re pretty much a club, it’s just that no one has gotten around to organizing us yet. Because… you know.

So the idea is: create a Kickstarter project, centered around being a club for procrastinators. Everyone gets business cards, which of course has a spiffy logo on it. And the motto “Time Solves All Problems.” Possibly translated into Latin.

Some folks can get custom letterhead if they want, or even jackets with the logo and motto if they really want. It all depends on the reward levels, and how much each person wants to contribute.

And the great thing is: I can just keep delaying fulfilling any rewards, should the Kickstarter actually succeed. “Where’s my business cards?” someone might write in, asking. “Is my jacket ready?” The answer to all of these questions will be: “I’ll get around to it. Soon.”

And if I never get around to fulfilling rewards, no one’s going to be all that surprised. Because… Procrastinator’s Club.

What about the legal repercussions of taking people’s money and not issuing rewards? To say nothing of getting tons of people angry? Well, I have a pretty great answer to both of those questions, but… I just haven’t gotten around to writing it down yet.

In fact, I’m a little busy right now. So maybe let’s just put a pin in that, and I’ll come back to finishing this blog post… later.

Omni tempore solvit quaestiones.

[CC photo via Ville Miettinen]

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