Window Washer Prep

Earlier this week, on my way in to work, I spotted these guys unloading a van. I walked by at first, but the collection of ropes drew me back.

It reminded me of the work skydivers will do, packing up their parachutes. All that equipment, and so much faith that it will take care of you high up in the air.

After chatting with them briefly, I asked to take their photo as well. I’m out of practice talking to strangers, but asking once made asking a second time easier. So it goes.

I learned that they’ll go up on buildings all the way through the end of December. After that, they said, it gets too cold to work.

If it were, I think my cut off would be Decem… you know what? If it were me, I’d spend my shift curled into a ball on the rooftop, crying. No way could I do their jobs.

Window Washer, 2006
Window Washers, 2011
What’s That Knocking Sound

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