A Love Letter to Tokyo’s Buildings Using Animated GIFs

Nina Geometrieva and Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov journeyed to Tokyo together, and documented their trip in a fascinating way. This piece describes a lot of the architecture they encountered, but keep an eye out.

The images used for the article are animated GIFs, but… they’re extremely well done. Super subtle, and super lovely.

Spending two whole days there, we finally learned the dread and discomfort of living in a capsule hotel. It was wonderful, apart from the occasional shakeup and earthquake panic you’d feel when your neighbour decides to move his capsule four floors up, at 5 AM. He was courteous enough to leave a box of chocolate with an apology to his neighbouring capsules.

It didn’t quite fully register to me, at first, exactly what they meant by “capsule hotel.” Wow.

While you can view this on a mobile device, I’d recommend checking it out on a larger monitor. Really spectacular stuff.

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