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Last week, it finally happened – I started to get ads playing while I was listening to music on Rdio. This meant that my account was officially switched off, and I was no longer an “upgraded” account – I was back to being another plebe.

With Rdio shutting its doors soon, everyone is slowly getting switched back to a “basic” account. They can still stream (with ads) until the plug is pulled… but it’s the beginning of the end.

When this happened, I was thinking that I wish I had a t-shirt. So I decided to just write in on a whim to ask. Lo and behold, I got a reply pretty quickly – and got sent a shirt in the mail several days later.

I’m delighted there are still folks around fielding support emails, and also that there were some shirts left. I’m sure it can’t be a happy time at Rdio, so I appreciated the attention I got – despite how everything is right now.

For those Rdio users looking to get their data from the service – I ended up doing two things.

First, I used Rdio Enhancer, a Chrome extension that adds some features to the Rdio web interface. Using this, I was able to get .csv files for all of my playlists, and also for all of my artists.

I also used Rdio > Spotify, to transfer over my data to Spotify. There were a few snags, but all in all a fairly seamless process. I’ve heard that really large collections have problems, but mine were pretty small… so fair warning.

While I have everything ported to Spotify (no data on # of plays get copied over, sadly)… I’m still actually using Rdio. Though the ads are getting tough to sit through.

Right now, the mobile version of Rdio only lets you play stations. So for my walks to/from work, I end up using Amazon Music to play a songs/albums without interruption. Then at my desk, I still use Rdio. Can’t quite bring myself to switch over yet, even though I know I’ll need to do so soon.

Goodbye, Rdio

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