Hand-Made Candy Canes at Lofty Pursuits

I forget just how I happened across this video, but it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Posted by Lofty Pursuits (a candy store and toy store and ice cream parlor, and all around awesome-sounding place), it shows two employees making candy canes from scratch.

Starting with pure sugar and cinnamon oil heated to over 300 degrees, the video follows the process from start to end. It looks a little gooey and gross at points, but it’s super cool to watch.

The person working is pretty practiced at narrating the process, and it really feels like you’re standing next to them watching the whole thing unfold. It’s a 10 minute video, but… I think you’ll get sucked in and watch it all the way through (the video is even edited in the middle, to skip past some of the more boring/repetitive parts).

This is one of several videos posted by Lofty Pursuits on their YouTube channel. Fun stuff to check out!

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