Christmas Eve in Indianapolis

Christmas Eve was a pretty lazy day for us. Liz and I took a big nap in the afternoon, and had a fairly relaxing time in the hours leading up to the traditional midnight service we attend, each year.

Stacey and Liz and I had the notion to just stay in and cook dinner, but my mom suggested we order out instead.

There is something quintessentially American about being Chinese-American, and ordering out for Chinese food on Christmas eve. Back when my parents used to have a restaurant, this happened all the time. But it still feels like the thing to do, especially around the holidays.

Nativity, outside St. John’s.

What has become our tradition: attending the midnight service on Christmas eve at St. John’s.

Looking down the pew.

Jasmine, spending the time before the service starts drawing a remarkably good and disturbing image.

My grandma Phoebe, at 104, holding a candle during the close of the service.

Selfie in front of the Christmas tree, with Liz.

Back at the house – Jahnu and Jasmine got to open one gift each, before heading to bed.

It ended up being a super late night for us. We stayed at the church for a while, after the service ended. And with it being about a 30 minute trek back home, coupled with the kids opening gifts… it got to be around 2AM.

Add in some time for us to do some last-minute gift wrapping, Liz and I got to bed around 3AM.

Christmas Eve in Indianapolis, 2014
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