Christmas Day in Indianapolis and Frankfort

We had a bit of a late start on Christmas day, as most of us adults didn’t get to sleep until pretty late. The kids were up bright and early, but were patient and waited until everyone else was up.

Jahnu and Jasmine, showing off the first gifts they opened. Jasmine’s scooter for her American Girl doll looks a lot like Liz’s Vespa.

Diving into the gifts.

Stacey, showing off the custom towels that the kids made for her – with “Mom” stitched in the side.

Darth Jahnu.

With our families headed to visit other families, we parted ways around noon. After a quick trek (without any thundertstorms), we found ourselves in Frankfort.

Holiday spirit(s)!

Holiday tunes!

A view of the Christmas tree, looking into the front room.

The hallway. Hard to imagine that this will be the last Christmas here in Frankfort.

Settling in with some drinks in the front room.

Opening gifts.

Later in the evening, we got a call from Tricia and the kids via Skype. We got to watch them open our gifts remotely, which was actually a very cool thing.

In back, that would be Sebastian putting on his Darth Vader helmet. I wish I had some video/audio to share, because in addition to changing his voice… it also spits out Vader quotes. Which, coming from his short frame, was actually just hilarious.

Tricia and Paige.

Dinner was a delicious batch of pierogis and sausage.

In the evening, with all the lights off save this one star. Goodnight, everyone!

Christmas Day in Indianapolis
Christmas Day in Frankfort

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