A Last, Lazy Day in Frankfort

On our last day in Frankfort, we had a very slow and relaxing day. Slept in, and spent most of the day watching movies in the living room.

In the evening, Liz broke out a bottle of hot chocolate that we had purchased while on vacation in Paris.

There was no real mixing in of other ingredients – just heating up this bottle of chocolate.

Which was quite delicious (and terribly rich). A small cupful is about all I could handle.

As we were packing up the car, I stopped to take a few pictures of the outside of the house.

Detail of the porch.

And the lights near the driveway.

Everyone’s getting in on the holiday spirit.

Looking to the front door, Liz, Bob, and Julie are peeking out.

Christmas Day in Frankfort, 2014
Christmas Day in Frankfort, 2011

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