Random Photography Discovery, with Flickr Tab

I’ve been a huge fan of the Flickr Tab ever since I installed it last April. It’s a wonderful assortment of images, with a new photo each time I open a new tab.

Today, I happened across the image shown (above). Taken by NAGANO TOYOKAZU, the image has the following description:

He loves soft ice cream very much.
He wants to become a soft ice cream.
His name is Kiyoshimachine.

From there, I began exploring some of the photos taken by Flickr user kiyoshimachine. I’ll be honest – after looking around a lot, I have no idea what this whole “soft ice cream” business is about. But the photos are great fun to look through. There’s a lot of silly photos, as well as some great moments.

I liked my experience randomly coming across an image, and then finding myself exploring someone’s work/life. I’m sharing this in the hopes that you can recreate that experience, and maybe explore a different path for yourself. And if anyone ever figures out that ice cream thing, drop me a line.

// Note: While I love the Flickr Tab, I really do wish they would curate it just a bit more. There’s never any nudity in the images shown, but every once in a while the images are a bit NSFW. Nothing explicit, just something you’d likely not want showing up on your screen when a coworker walks by.

There are also a few macro photos from time to time, showing the close-up of an insect’s eyes or mouth. They’re beautiful images, but I could also stand to do without those guys too.


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