On Beauty and Danger: The Poop Gauntlet

Walking to work today, Liz noticed that we were about to walk underneath a a dissimulation of birds, pointing out that we would have to “run the poop gauntlet.”

From time to time, the walkway will be covered in splatter… as though the birds had all gone out for whiskey and Taco Bell the night prior. So Liz was naturally wary of what might happen.

Before we ventured underneath, I stopped to take this photo. Which, actually, turned out to be really pleasing. I was really amazed and surprised at how everything seemed to line up.

So to me this image does kind of double duty: a kind of symbol of both danger and beauty.

And FYI we made it through, unscathed.

The Excrement Poem
Illinois Centennial Monument: That’s A Lot of Birds
Shit Fountain
Majestic Bird

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