Lost in Fallout 4

I spent a lot of Sunday being lazy, and mostly just hanging out in bed. Liz and I watched some TV to start off the day, and I ended up just playing Fallout 4 while Liz hung out knitting.

I think I’m maybe 25% of the way through things, having mostly just arrived at Diamond City and found the missing detective. I’ve also taken Independence, but I think that was kind of a fluke as it was way over my skill level.

I’m still mostly figuring out where I can and can’t venture, and I’ve started several quests that seem quite above my paygrade at the moment (I sprinted like a coward through a few places, just to avoid getting attacked).

It’s fun to spend so much time playing games again, though it does still leave me with a weird residual. During the actual game play, it feels relaxing and fun. But emerging from the fog, I feel like I’ve wasted several hours and regret not being in front of my computer, working on some project or other.

It helps somewhat that I don’t have a particular project at the moment. But I do end up feeling like I could spend my time in a more construtive way, as opposed to scrounging around for bottle caps and ammunition for hours on end.

Wasting Real Time in Imaginary Places 1
Wasting Real Time in Imaginary Places 2
Wasting Real Time in Imaginary Places 3

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  1. It’s far from a waste of time if you enjoyed doing it. That being said, my husband has collected 50+ armor suits. It’s a problem.

    Shannon Reply

    • Good to know that there are so many of those power suits out there!

      The world is just massive. Given how much time I’ve sunk into the game so far, it’s hard for me to imagine those people who actually go in and finish every single quest.

      avoision Reply

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