Mipso: Marianne

While I am still missing Rdio, I’m slowly learning my way around Spotify. There are things with Spotify’s user interface that I find maddening, but I’m slowly settling in because they seem to me the next best contender.

One thing that’s been a positive for me in the switch? Music discovery. I’m finding that I really enjoy the playlists that Spotify puts together, and have been enjoying the related artists and genres it offers up.

I’ve long been a fan of the team at Echo Nest, and I’m guessing this is due in no small part to their contributions.

One band I’ve discovered lately: Mipso, from North Carolina. I’m not a hugely versed music person, so I’m not even sure what genre best describes them. Folk? Bluegrass?

Their sound is a bit more country than I’m used to, but I’ve been utterly hooked on their album Old Time Reverie. I actually like almost every song on the album, and I can feel that it’s just a matter of time until I switch my constant looping over to some other track.

For now though, I’m stuck on Marianne, the first song on the album. I’m really loving the lines that begin and close the song:

Marianne I don’t wanna wait,
the chapel’s full but the preacher’s late.
There’s flies around our cake,
could you shut the door?

I haven’t found myself wanting to break out into song spontaneously like this since I heard “The Devil in Me”, by Anderson East. I swear, there are several songs on the album that are making me want to dig out my guitar. I don’t see any tabs available yet online, and I’ve already bookmarked several live performances so I can try to figure out the chords for myself.

I’m really finding myself fond of this group, and of this album. I’m also begrudgingly thankful to Spotify for the discovery. I’ve still got a ways to go to liking Spotify, but encountering this album has helped thaw my heart just a little bit.

Farewell, Rdio
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