Sudden Showers Inside Treasure Island Supermarket

On heading home tonight, Liz and I stopped in at the grocery store to pick up a few quick items. We were really just in and out, and after five minutes were on our way ot the checkout lanes. That’s when we heard someone forcefully call for assistance over the loudspeakers, and then saw three guys running at top speed towards the front of the store.

At first, Liz and I were confused as to what was going on. Was it a robbery? Was there a fight? When we arrived at the checkout area, all the cashiers were working like normal – like there was nothing going on.

But what we noticed was that every so often, they’d turn and look towards the Produce area. While we were standing in line, this area was hidden from our view. But the moment we walked to the exit… we saw it:

Tons of water. Pouring down from the ceiling. Hard to tell from this photo, but there was a lot of water coming down from the ceiling.

Taken from outside, looking in.

It was really coming down. What’s funny is that to the right of this area… folks were still shopping like there wasn’t a huge waterfall happening. Wish I would have gotten that photo.

As we were watching from outside, we heard the growing sound of sirens in the distance. Eventually, the Fire Department showed up (which makes sense, since what happened was that a pipe feeding the sprinkler system burst – likely sending out an alert to them).

We didn’t stick around to watch what happened beyond this. Crazy to think that not five minutes prior to the water, we were walking right by that area. Lucky us!

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