Tuesday Night, Working in the Basement

Last night, Liz and I came home from work and went right into the basement to work. We’ve had several days off in a row, and it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things (particularly when coming home after a day of work).

But – we had decided on a work schedule on Monday, and were wanting to stick to it. Our “regular” workload for a school night involves us going through two bags of cement. Luckily, I used the right bag this time.

When mixed, the cement looked to me a bit like gelato.

It looked that way to Liz, too.

We got through another small area – this is two bags’ worth of cement. The bricks along the Eastern wall have deeper gaps between them, so it’ll take a bit more material to fill up.

But! We’re getting closer to our end. Once this wraps around we should be good to go. Maybe six or seven more bags left, I think.

Mixing Up the Wrong Cement
Brick Work
The Basement Shuffle

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